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The construction on Cass Street has been discussed for nearly five years. "The necessary preparation of the site, the clearing of structures got people pretty excited last Construction loan Perth Oak Laurel South Perth, 0430 129 662 year," said James Cherf, council member for District 6."And then, nothing happened. So, I think the anticipation is what causes some anxiety and some excitement." The $2.3 million project is expected to take about five months, closing Cass Street from the 4th Street intersection to the 8th Street intersection. "Detours will consist of using 3rdand 4thStreet up to La Crosse Street," said Todd Waldo, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation project manager for the construction. Cherf said many residents in District 6 have voiced concerns about the unknowns of the project. "The unknown about the traffic circle that's going to occur at 7th and Cass Streets," Cherf said."It has people curious. It has people anxious." Waldo said the Department of Transportation (DOT) looked at both stoplights and roundabouts for the intersection. "With the roundabout, it improved mobility and functionality," Waldo said. "You just don't have people waiting at a signalized intersection at a red light when there's nobody coming in the other direction. So, this is a single lane roundabout. There's four legs, so it's almost the simplest roundabout you can have." Construction loan Melbourne Oak Laurel Melbourne 0430 129 662 Other improvements in the project include bike accommodations, increased lighting, and more pedestrian safety measures.